The Primary Corporate Network of Textile Excellence.



Veneto’s Excellence in Textiles Forms a Network

Because it’s essential for companies of excellence that share this invaluable heritage to weave connections.


Our History


A centuries-old tradition across countless generations, recognized for its incomparable quality by all the major players in fashion.


Our Values


A common approach that holds our employees, our territory, our culture, and our customers in the highest regard.


Our Competencies


Great technical capacity, a high level of specialization, and a loyal, highly competent workforce.



Venice Textile Manufacturers

A NETWORK of textile companies in the Veneto that provide products of incomparable QUALITY to the global market


A Network of Textile Companies


The guiding thread begins with our shared TRADITIONS, our use of time-honored manufacturing practices handed down from one generation of artisans, workers, and creators to another for more than two centuries.
A voyage in time, made with diligence, dedication, and satisfaction. We nurture the wellbeing of our highly skilled workers and create a sense of synergy with our own TERRITORY. These are the indispensable conditions for preserving and growing the CULTURE of high fashion that has become such an integral part of the Veneto’s textiles of excellence.
Our unswerving, impassioned goal: to grow together.
To face the challenges of the global market while staying true to our roots, to become ambassadors of the excellence of the Veneto’s textiles to the world, confident of our KNOW HOW, unique to our territory, which is part of our invaluable heritage.
Venice Textile Manufacturers is the new network of companies in the Veneto that promotes textile excellence: from the tuft of wool to the thread to the textile and to the garment, we have a beautifully and ably woven story to tell.


The Companies that make up Venice Textile Manufacturers


A pool of companies who all share a common history, territory, capacity, attention to detail, a desire to innovate and grow, an openness to the world, and the confidence that can only come from such a long tradition of creating, designing, and manufacturing. We are a unique network of unique companies:

  • LANIFICIO PAOLETTI: high quality threads and textiles since 1795.
  • MAGLIFICIO GIORDANO’S: the finest high fashion knitwear since 1945.
  • MANIFATTURE TESSILI VITTORIO VENETO: sophisticated textiles for shirts and garments.
  • SERICA 1870: premium silk and silk blend textiles since 1870.
  • TESSITURA SERICA BEVILACQUA: Highly prized artist textiles for decoration and high fashion since 1499.
  • ONGETTA: historical brand of silk yarn twisting art.


Our Territory


Made in Italy is a synonym for excellence

And Italy’s renowned excellence in textiles is very much alive in our territory, from the Dolomites to the Venetian Lagoon, and from the Berici Hills to the beginning of the Po Valley. Our roots extend deeply into the land once governed by La Serenissima, the Republic of Venice, repository of ancient traditions, independent in its institutions, a melting pot of many languages, cultures, and customs, the site of an expansive trade with a global reach, its eyes looking to the East, and its feet firmly planted in the West.

The Veneto is known as “Italy’s locomotive” for industrial as well as cultural production of all kinds. The well-established, centuries-old principles shared by employers and workers that have organized the individual and collective lives of all citizens helped shape villages, towns, and cities into communities that have come to share the same traditions, the same attitude to work, trade, production of the highest quality, and an unflagging attention to detail and innovation.

Our manufacturing is unique the world over because our territory is unique, our art and literature unparalleled, our food and wine inimitable.

It takes this kind of environment to create the necessary conditions for the production of threads and fabrics of such incomparable quality. We treasure our heritage of expertise, skill, and craft immensely.

This heritage shines all the more for those waiting to discover it, thanks to the efforts and commitment of Venice Textile Manufacturers.


Venice and Us


Venice, the only city of its kind in the world. Its style is unique as well, the result of its centuries-old relationship to its highly productive mainland. Our mission is to ensure that this fruitful exchange continues to thrive.

The territory where we live and work was once the highly productive mainland of La Serenissima, the Republic of Venice, which predated Italy’s unification. The city of Venice remained free and independent for almost 1,000 years. It was one of the most important points of sea trade in the Mediterranean. A preferred trading partner of the Byzantine Empire and China from the time of Marco Polo on, Venice trafficked in everything from spices, perfumes, precious stones, woods, wine, to, of course, textiles! Venice was for centuries one of the endpoints of the Silk Road and the Wool Route.

Venice was a city open to the new, a dynamic melting pot of the most diverse arts, an engine for homegrown and foreign innovation and invention. It was always a city with the most refined tastes, where the demands of the wealthy and the noble helped shape fashions, trends, and styles that continue to inspire us today, ones we maintain by using many of the same, time-tested production techniques as our ancestors.

Venice’s patricians built their fortunes on this mercantile wealth, an economy that involved a huge portion of the population, from workers who provided the raw materials to the artisans who transformed them to the merchants who sold them. A multiform nobility that steered free institutions (the position of the Doge, the Serenissima Signoria, the Collegio de’ Savi, the Senate, the Consiglio dei Dieci, just to name a few of the most important ones) together with the city’s vital literary, artistic, architectural, and religious traditions provided the optimal setting for the development of a culture of beauty in dress and decoration, a tradition that continues to this very day in the city’s institutional, liturgical, or even secular rites, be it simple strolls through the piazza San Marco or going to the theater, playing at the Casino or attending the city’s world-famous Carnival.

The Venetian mainland, which stretched to the Dolomites to the north, to Brescia to the West, including the hills outside Treviso and Belluno, and to Trieste to the east, was therefore the ideal environment for the production of fabrics, threads, and the highest quality garments, at first artisanally and then industrially. It benefited from the creative energy that only a city as dynamic as Venice could offer for being a crossroads of the most diverse cultures and the birthplace of so many unique stylistic traditions.

We are the proud heirs of this long tradition, and we believe it is our duty to keep this style alive by using the same original manufacturing techniques that still today guarantee unrivalled quality, to continue to cultivate this rich cultural heritage, and to share its results with the world. We firmly believe that our daily renewal of the ancient links between city and mainland, between creativity and productivity, between our knowhow and our sense of beauty is the basis for our excellence at the global level.


Our History and Our Traditions


It is no accident that the most important players in fashion hold our fabrics in the highest regard.

It is by virtue of this centuries-old tradition, vast range of experience, technical and stylistic capacities handed down from generation to generation and improved over time through a strong dedication to innovation, and the commitment and creativity of so many workers that we are able to boast of our primacy in the sector of textiles for high fashion.

Everything began more than 300 years ago with the birth of the first artisanal and then industrial spinning mills, the original looms, some of which are still in use today, the first small, family owned and operated factories that soon grew into manufacturing villages that created beautiful products and wellbeing. Though organized as companies, they were first and foremost communities. Work became a loom that wove the society together by forming and preserving a creative environment. This is a heritage we cannot afford to lose, but we must do more than simply preserve it; we need to ensure that continues to thrive and grow. This is the challenge we face with the same optimism and bravery that our own ancestors expressed so honorably in the many battles large and small that they fought and won over the centuries.

To exploit the many possibilities that the global market offers to make our products known the world over for their uniqueness, respect of tradition and use of knowhow, information, and techniques refined over many years and rooted in our history.

This is the goal we have set for ourselves to meet our client’s demands, and there is only one way to achieve this: by joining forces, generating synergies, and becoming a NETWORK.


Our People and Our Values


Work is above all a social project for us, because everyone shares the same environment, from the top management to the workers, from employers to employees.

A healthy environment is a guarantee of quality. A good product becomes such when the entire manufacturing chain shares the same values of caring for people and the environment in which they operate. Our rallying cry is Sustainability.

We share common values based on:

  • The great attention we pay to worker conditions
  • The use of non-harmful raw materials
  • The maintenance of healthy workplaces
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste reduction
  • The meticulous respect of confidentiality
  • The preservation of the integrity of brand information

Building a NETWORK doesn’t just mean joining forces. It also means strengthening the social bonds that connect people and unite communities. This guarantees that our services are highly reliable and that all parties to the process enjoy excellent relations. The trust that our highly skilled workforce and our clients place in us is fundamental; we work constantly to cultivate them both.

You need the right instruments to do this: an Ethics Code, Values Charter, Sustainability Certificate, as well as a channel for communicating Sustainability and Corporate responsibility. Our network serves this purpose as well.


Originality and Style


Made in Italy is synonymous with style, but Venetian Style is unique the world over.

Making a good product is always important, but making a unique product is always a question of style. You can’t learn originality sitting at a desk. It’s a long process of accumulating competencies, fostering traditions, individual talent and collective collaboration, aesthetic standards developed in the world of fashion and tested over time and by changes in trends, not to mention extensive innovation in materials, research, and development of products and new technologies. We combine the new and the old every day.

The importance of Made in Italy in the world of Fashion is well known, and Venetian Style has carved out its own, very original space by producing the highest quality textiles for interior design, fashion, and high fashion. Wool, silk, premium fibers, new technical fibers are all used to make fully manufactured and semi-finished items for an elite clientele that shares our sense of taste and passion for excellence.

There is no better place to start sharing individual competencies, innovations, management practices, synergies for better customer service, feedback analysis, matching catalogs, styles, fashions, and the particular trends in the Veneto’s creation and production of its beautiful textiles.

These are the reasons why we have established this corporate network: we created Venetian Style together, and we want to communicate to the world together.