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850 years of history in Made-in-Italy textiles throughout the world.


Venice Textile Manufacturers

A pool of companies who share a history, territory, abilities, attention to detail, a desire to innovate and grow, an openness to the world, and the pride of a long tradition of design, creation, and production

Lanificio Paoletti MTF

Founded in 1795, the Lanificio Paoletti factory produces a complete cycle of woven wool threads and fabrics for the world of fashion. It is a center for research based on tradition and a culture of wool built through centuries of experience in manufacturing. It focuses on sustainable development and an interdisciplinary approach that involves fields bordering on textile design. The textiles we produce transmit the added value of our history, which began more than two centuries ago amidst a climate of political revolution and the anecdotes of rural life. Lanificio Paoletti looks constantly to the future, placing particular attention on research, thanks to its centuries-old archive, which is a source of inspiration and development for our creative team, an invaluable heritage, the source of a great culture and historic tradition that will never disappear.

Via Cartiera 2, 31051 Follina (TV) T. +39 0438 970335 F. +39 0438 971156

Maglificio Giordano's

Giordano’s has been a highly specialized, complete production cycle knitwear factory since 1945, from supplying raw materials to delivering finished garments. A second-generation family business, Giordano’s works with the best animal and vegetable fibers, using the latest technologies and complying with all the parameters set by regulations and the international market.

The extensive experience accrued by this factory has led to the creation of a significant archive of weaving techniques and styles. The archive is open to creators and researchers in an attempt to foster constant learning and innovation while maintaining the sustainability and traditional craftsmanship of their work.

Via Roma, 73 31012 Cappella Maggiore (TV) T. + 39 0438 580511 / 580166 F. +39 0438 1890156

Manifatture Tessili Vittorio Veneto MTVV

For over thirty years, Manifatture Tessili Vittorio Veneto has created exclusively Italian textiles with a profound awareness of today’s market and yesterday’s traditions.

The always rich and exciting presentation consists of textiles produced and finished entirely in Italy, designed in respect of the essential principles of quality, research, and technology. This ensures that everything they make can be adapted to the most specific requirements and achieve the highest standards requested by the international market.

Via Veneto, 14, Vittorio Veneto (TV) T.+39 0438 506611

Serica 1870

After almost 150 years of being in business, Serica 1870 is one of the few companies in the manufacturing sector that can boast of a vertical structure consisting of two companies, one that produces and the other that finishes.

With a strongly rooted, historic background, Serica 1870 looks towards a future of highly advanced technologies while maintaining an unwavering commitment towards its human and productive heritage.

Serica 1870’s vision is contemporary, always looking ahead. This is best embodied by its extensive research and development, which have long been the company’s strong suit, helping it offer a sense of exclusivity and dynamism to the most important players in fashion worldwide.

Via Pedeguarda, 18 31051 Follina – (TV)  T.+39 0438 842401  F.+39 0438 842402

Tessitura Serica Bevilacqua

The history of weaving in Venice began in 1499 when the name of Giacomo Bevilacqua, a weaver, appears on the list of patrons who commissioned a famous painting by the artist Mansueti. The transition from family business to company occurred in 1875 when Giacomo’s descendant Luigi Bevilacqua, together with his partner Giovanni Battista Gianoglio, acquired a building in Venice to create what would become one of Europe’s oldest textile mills.

Still today, the sounds of 18th century looms break the silence of the alleys in this corner of Venice where highly skilled masters produce something truly unique. The work is slow, yielding just a few centimeters a day, and the result is unique: the finest soprarizzo velvet and premium brocades, worldwide symbols of the excellence of Venetian textile arts.

Santa Croce 1320 – 30135 Venezia (VE)  T.+39 041 721566  F. +39 041 5242302


Ongetta is a historical brand specialized in silk yarn twisting, which is a family-run activity since the first years of the twentieth century. Emanuele Ongetta, the owner’s grandfather, started to work at it first in Russia and China, and then began production in Italy, in a town called Ponte di Piave (TV).

The brand is engaged with its own suppliers in the silk production, starting from the selection of spinning mills and from the silkworm birth. The products are: twisted continuous raw silk yarns (wefts, crepe fabric, organdy, cordons, shantung), discontinuous silk yarns (schappe, bourette both of mulberry and tussah type), mixed yarns (silk plus cashmere, wool, cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo or synthetic fibres).

Ongetta, coherently with its mission and careful of market’s needs, decided to endorse Greenpeace’s Detox quality standard, and it is certified for the GOTS organic fibre production.

Via don Angelo Dalla Torre 5 – 31047 Ponte di Piave (TV)   T. +39 0422 852178 F. +39 0422 852031

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